Ep7 – Nicaragua & Costa Rica – Storing a bike in Costa Rica

I drive through Nicaragua, stopping in Esteli, Granada and San Juan del Sur. A way to short visit to such an amazing country. Should have planned for more time in Nicaragua over all. From Nicaragua i continued in to Costa Rica, going through the worst border crossing of the trip so far. The thermometer on the bike measured 44°C.
Didn’t do any exploring of Costa Rica this time as the plan was to park the bike long term. I was sick for the first week in Costa Rica and the only exploring i did was when i went back and forth from the hospital. I needed to make sure i didn’t have Zika or tome other disease that i would carry with me back home.

(Swedish) Stort tack till min partner Pusselboden.se “Din pusselbutik på nätet” som gör detta äventyr möjligt. Pussel 1000 bitar.