My interest for vehicles started as I was 15 years old, getting my moped. A 50cc Derbi GPR, a truly unique moped. Every one I met thought it was a 250cc or 600cc bike. Now when I think back I realise how stupid I was, riding without proper protection. Sometimes I rode it with only bathing shorts, t-shirt, sandals and helmet. Even though I thought it was fun to ride the small 50cc sport “bike” I never felt at home. Something was missing, the sense of freedom. I felt confined by the two white lines on either side of the road. So when I turned 16 years I got rid of the moped and got myself something a bit bigger, and a bit more off-road oriented. It was a Honda Varadero 125cc, a v-twin 125cc 4 stroke, straight pies, Honda Transalp frame and 100% fun. It was a was a beautiful machine and suited me size wise perfectly.

Honda Varadero 125cc
Honda Varadero 125cc

This bike sparked my interest for overlanding and off-road driving. The feeling not to be confined within two white lines is the best feeling in the world.
Just a few weeks before turning 18 years old I was in a small accident, the bike was repairable and everyone involved was okay. My insurance company paid for the repair but since i was turning 18 i wanted to get a car. So the bike had to go. In October 2012 I bought Jumbo, my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was totally stock and had just under 200 000km on the clock.

Jeep WJ posing on bridge, Close
Jeep WJ aka. Jumbo

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