Why V-Strom 650 is the best adventure travel bike in 2020 for international motorcycle travel

Why i choose the Suzuki V-Strom 650 for my trip is a question i get asked a lot, in this video i’ll clear up why i think the V-Strom 650 is the best adventure bike for international motorcycle travel right now.

The Suzuki V-Strom 650XT is according to me the best new adventure bike of 2020 for international and round the world motorcycle travel. The reasons being:

  • Reliable, the V-Twin in the V-Strom 650 has been around for a long time and is very reliable. Overall the bike is well built with a sturdy frame that can take a beating.
  • Sold everywhere. It makes it really easy to find spares. It’s near impossible to find spares for a bike that is not sold in the local market. Usually ending up being very expensive and having to ship the spares from somewhere else.
  • Price! The Suzuki V-Strom 650 cost less than half compared to a new BMW 1250 GS Adventure, even the upper model V-Strom 650XT is less than half! This combined with a better reliability and availability of spares makes the V-Strom 650 a very attractive bike for international travel.
  • Doesn’t stand out. Attracts less unwanted attention.
  • Fuel economy. The V-Strom 650 gets over 450km on one tank of gas. In Episode 2 of my travels i had to travel over 1000km without gas available. I just needed to get some Jerry-cans and i was set!
  • Aftermarket support. Without a doubt one of the best things with the V-Strom 650 is how it can be modified. Being a solid platform and a popular bike, there’s a lot of aftermarket support. You can make the bike truly yours and adapt it to you. I’m over 2 meters tall and the V-Strom 650 could be modified to fit me perfectly.