Suzuki V-Strom 650 suspension modifications

The V-Storm 650 suspension (Zuzu the Suzuki V-Strom 650) form factory is set up to work ok for everyone. Let’s start by saying the stock suspension it’s not bad, but it’s not tuned for my needs. As the bike is sold all over the world, the stock suspension is designed to work for everyone from smaller 50kg people to people like me, 2.06m (6’9″).

Have gotten questions about the suspension, figured i can do a deep dive into the suspension setup. Will make a video later about it.
I went to Ted Porter’s BeemerShop for everything, great guys that really helped me out getting what i need.

The problem:

Let’s start of by saying that the V-Strom OEM suspension is not bad. But it’s made to suite riders all around the world, everyone from 50KG to 150KG.
Me (145KG, ~300LBS & 206cm, 6’9″) + luggage is way to heavy for the original suspension, it would bottom out easily and overheat on corrugated roads.


WILBERS Fork Springs for 2012+ V-Strom 650. A progressive spring that is just slightly harder than the original initially, but the max resistance is a lot harder.
MAXIMA Fork Fluid 7W
135mm Air Gap (Air gap helps with preventing bottom outs), manufacturer recommends 150mm.
~23mm preload (Just a piece of piping that i cut to length)

Installing it all seemed daunting at first, but i could do it with the tools that i later brought on the trip. Remember that i do not live in USA where i prepared the bike, i had no access to a well equipped garage.

Started with 55-60mm sag in the front with the OEM setup. After i had 40mm, a good improvement.

V-Strom 650 suspension front fork spring upgrade
V-Strom 650 suspension front fork spring upgrade


TFX 141 shock with a spring selected for my weight, don’t remember the spring constant for it. I went with the manual preload, now afterwards i wish i went with the hydraulic preload as the ABS unit on the V-Strom 650 is in the way of the adjuster for preload.
The rear shock made a huge difference, it’s barely ride-able without luggage (to stiff, hence i should have opted for hydraulic preload adjustment). But with luggage it handles perfectly!
The rear shock also increased droop by 15mm. So 15mm extra suspension movement!

V-Strom 650 suspension rear. TFX shock 141
TFX 141 vs original. Pure beef!
TFX 141 V-Strom 650 suspension
TFX 141 vs Stock. Stock has hydraulic preload.
V-Strom 650 aftermarket suspension