Ep6 – Honduras – Breaking the SW-Motech rack and enjoying cigars

Honduras! Oh amazing Honduras!
First days in Honduras i stayed close to Copan Ruinas, a really cool ruin place. My second favorite after Caracol in Belize.
I’m a big cigar fan, so a visit to a cigar factory was a must! I visited Plasencia’s cigar factory outside of Danli, Honduras on my bike.
Managed to break the rack holding up my SW-Motech top-case. It broke clean off! Managed to find a mechanic that could weld it up for me so it would hold up until i could get my hands on a spare part.
Getting a spare part was not that easy, SW-Motech (while being very friendly) were hard to work with. I was getting sent around between SW-Motech in different countries.

(Swedish) Stort tack till min partner Pusselboden.se som gör detta äventyr möjligt. Pussel för vuxna och barn.