Ep5 – Guatemala – Riding solo through the deep jungles of Guatemala

Guatemalan jungle is thick and absolutely stunning, riding through all the small villages and riding the Pan American Highway is a dream come true. Guatemala is back on the tourist tracks, the tourist industry is built out, both for better and worse.
I did have some problems with the V-Strom in Guatemala, the sub-frame bolt was starting to come out by itself. Was just a few millimeters left when i caught it! Some thread-locker and put it back and it was all good.
The bolt holding on the chain guard also flew off. Had another one in the “random bolt/nut bag”. My ram mount also broke that i had for my phone, i did get a new one on warranty (really good service).

(Swedish) Stort tack till min partner Pusselboden.se som gör detta äventyr möjligt, pussel 1000 bitar.