Poland weekend adventure, The Plan

As mentioned earlier, i have a little addition to the Jeep coming up. Now it’s time! I have arranged to be at the manufacturer on Friday the 9:th October. Instead of just going over to the place and back i thought of making it to a weekend trip. The way is 640km each way. I devised the trip into four days. With a departure on Thursday the 8:th October.

The Poland Weekend Adventure

The Route

Day 1

I leave Prague at 15:00 and head towards Kroczyce, Poland. For you who followed my Stockholm to Prague adventure may recognize the name. It was my fist stop in Poland. This time i will also stay at Hotel Jura, i was very happy last time. Kroczyce is conviniently located one hour from my final destination withch enables me to reach my destination early Friday morning.

Day 2

I will arrive in Zagnansk, Poland “mid day” and start working in the Jeep. Getting the Jeep ready will take all day, for the most part i will spend my time studying while some professionals get my Jeep ready.

Day 3

Driving from Zagnansk to Ostrava, Czech Republic and spending the day exploring Ostrava. I don’t know anything about the city, it was conveniently located along the way back to Prague.

Day 4

My last day, getting home to Prague.