Poland Weekend Adventure, Day 1

This is the first day of my four day Poland weekend adventure.
After my classes i went straight home to pack the last of the things i needed for the trip. There where not much since it was suppose to be a short trip. After loading up the Jeep i headed to the gas station and filled her up and set sail!
The destination for day one was the small town of Kroczyce. You who have followed my Stockholm to Prague adventure may recognize the name. I was there the fist day of the Stockholm to Prague Adventure. The town is conveniently located, one hour from my destination on day two of the Poland weekend adventure and “only” 530km from Prague.
The weather was a steady gray sludge with occasional downpour. Thanks to a good sound system and some off-line playlists on Spotify that was no problem. Just ramp up the volume and keep on rolling!
I was a bit worried about my engine cooling problem that’s still not resolved. But it ended up not being a problem if i kept under 100km/h.

Poland weekend adventure Day 1
Poland weekend adventure Day 1
When the night creeped closer i felt that i had to put on my aux light on the front, so after a short stop and after grabbing something to eat i kept rolling. With over 35000lumen at my disposal!
I arrived at Hotel Jura just before midnight and went to bed directly after writing a few notes about the day.