Poland weekend adventure, day 4

The last day of my Poland Weekend adventure!

Finally getting to do some trails.
After a not so pleasant visit in Ostrava i give myself some time to sleep in. The only plan for today was to find my way back to Prague. The drive where to take about three hours, but that is not the case when you drive a Jeep. I took a random exit and headed towards the mountains a few km outside of Ostrava. It was a very good choice, got a chance to take some awesome photos of my Metalpasja rear bumper that i got installed on day two of the my Poland Weekend Adventure!

Off-road trails in Czech Republic

While heading up the mountain side, driving through a small village i got a lot of looks from the locals, don’t know if it was because they are not used to traffic, especially from foreign registered vehicles. Or if it was because my Jeep is so good looking! I believe it’s the later one!

These i took directly after getting out of the village.

After continuing on the same trail, it spitted up in to two trails. I took the right one, that one lead out to larger field.

Continuing on the trail eventually lead me back to the large field, where i proceeded to take the left trail instead.
The trail quickly became narrow. And after one km or two i found myself on a very narrow trail on the side of a very steep hill. The photos i snapped on one of the few places that it was wide enough for me to safely get out of the Jeep, was a new experience for me. Was incredibly exciting!

On the other side of the narrow trail there was a real road, witch actually lead me right back to the high way, could not have been more convenient! It was now only just over two hours to Prague. Well in prague there was time for some well deserved rest, and a last picture of my Jumbo.

Jeep WJ, Prague
Jeep WJ, Prague

About image editing

I thought about image editing when i came home. About why i personally edit photos. What i concluded was that the reason that i edit some photos is to replicate what i saw in that moment with my own eyes. For example the images above on the narrow trail. Two of them are very edited, and they represent what i saw in that moment.