Poland weekend adventure, day 3

After waking up in the town of Kielce, it was tome to enjoy a hotel breakfast after a quick peek in the hotel garage to make sure that the day before wasn’t a dream. And sure, the Jeep was there in all its glory. After getting ready i started making my way to the destination of the day, Ostrava in Czech Republic. It all went smoth with the bumper. I don’t know the actual weight of the bumper. But it’s probably a lot. On Jumbo I run BDS coil springs. They are one of the firmer lift springs on the market for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ WG 99-04. That helped enormously! They feel perfect with the added weight of the bumper, the shocks on the other hand needs a upgrade.

Travel dilemmas

There are a lot of dilemmas you encounter while traveling. Everything from beggars to choice of hotel and politics in the region. Today i encountered something new. I had stopped at a fast food restaurant along the highway to get some food. While pulling on to the parking lot i notice a very eastern looking man, when I parked he approached my vehicle and started talking in what i think was Polish. He wanted some money (not for parking), normally I don’t support begging. But this time I was closing in to the Czech border and had some PLN change left over. So I gave him a few random coins. But he did not stop, he continued rambling on and reaching out with his hand. then it struck me that I was to leave my Jeep unattended with this person around. He could do whatever with it while I was in the restaurant and that got me worried. I emptied the car of everything valuable and said to him that I did not want to give him anything more, he seemed to be a bit agitated. Then started walking into the restaurant wile steadily keeping a lookout if he approaches my Jeep again. Even while eating I eye-balled him out to see if he touched my Jeep. He did not, he even left after some time.
Lesson learned: Move the Jeep to another parking lot. Don’t give any money to beggars in the fist place, it is not a solution for their problem and they can continue pressuring you for money.

Arriving in Ostrava

After the lunch I continued towards Ostrava, i had low expectations about Ostrava. And i was still a bit disappointed. When i started closing in i drove through some mining area. I have no idea what they where mining, but all the trees where black and dead. Absolutely no life, just piles of rock and ponds with dead trees sticking up. Was like something out of a post apocalyptic movie.
When entering the city of Ostrava i drove past this intersection, a random car was in the middle and the diver was nowhere to be found.

I stayed at hotel Best Western in Ostrava, it was a bit outside the city center. But that did no matter, i had no plans in exploring the city. The hotel had something i had never seen before. A parking reserved for ladies. I don’t see anything wrong with it. But i guess a extreme feminists would disagree.
Or maybe i got i wrong, maybe it’s a dating service for cars 😉

Girl parking only
Girl parking only