Day two in Poland, visiting Auschwitz.

Day two in Poland

As mentioned earlier, some changes where made to the plan. We skipped Lodz and slept just an hour away from Krakow.
We left the small town of Kroczyce after a fantastic breakfast at the hotel. We headed towards Krakow, on our way to Krakow i noticed that Jumbo was running a bit hot. Didn’t know what the problem was. It was only running hot at highway speeds. I now believe that it’s the thermostat thats is stuck half open. My Jeep is still drivable, only runs a bit over “normal”. But not close to the red line. Will get it fixed when i arrive in Prague and can find a authorized Jeep mechanic.
Except for the heating problem the trip so Krakow was wonderful. Small countryside roads.

Jeep posing in front of church
Jumbo posing in front of church
On our way to Krakow we stopped by this beautiful church. Not that old if i understood what it said on the signs inside. Apparently it’s built just after World War two.
After a short stop at the church we continued on towards Krakow. The tempruture in the engine got a little bit to hot for my liking, so we took another stop, this time involving a little off road.
Jeep off road Poland
Off road Poland

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Wow it was some loose dirt! All of Jumbo was covered in dust, it came in to every part of my Jeep.
After that there where only half an hour left until we arrived i Krakow.


Krakow is a beautiful city, the old capital of Poland. There was not much we did there except for walking around in the old town and looking around the Krakow palace/castle.
After a few hours of walking around, we felt that we had seen enough and walked back to the Jeep to get to our next destination.

Krakow palace
Krakow palace


Our next stop was Auschwitz, i don’t know what to tell you about it. It was very powerful sight. We started by visiting Auschwitz 1, we where there for a few hours. Later we took only a quick stroll around the remains of Auschwitz 2. Auschwitz 1 is what today is most of a museum and the one most worth visiting (if you don’t have time to visit both). Auschwitz 2 on the other hand is what is featured in more movies, and probably what people picture when you say Auschwitz. It was not as museum like as Auschwitz 1, but worth a visit. Yet again, it was incredibly powerful.

"Arbeit macht frei" Auschwitz 1
“Arbeit macht frei” Auschwitz 1

From Auschwitz we continued to the city of Wroclaw. The journey was slow since we had the temperature problem at highway speeds. So i kept to around 85km/h for the entire journey. And still i was over the normal temperature. We arrived late in Wroclaw, we picked up our keys for the room and went to sleep after a long day.