Day three, Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora.

Day three in Poland, going from Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora.

After arriving in Wroclaw late in the night before, we slept in a bit. We stayed at LeoApt, it’s not really a hotel. We got a entire apartment for our selfs. It was not optimal for a one night stay, i can really recommend them for a longer stay (1+ week).
After we woke up on the third day we went to get breakfast. Since this was not a hotel the breakfast was outsourced to a nearby café. And oh man! it was one of the best cafés i have ever been to. When we had sat there for almost an hour we started exploring Wroclaw.
Wroclaw Goblins
Wroclaw Goblins

Wroclaw is a beautiful city. It has a large center square in the old town with a marketplace building in the middle. Sadly Wroclaw is on the beaten path. Lots of tourists, mainly German. The city has these goblins/hobbits put out all over the city. A fun thing to walk around and look for.
After a few hours of walking around Wroclaw, me and my brother Peter felt ready to start our relatively short journey from Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora.

Sad Jumbo, Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora
Sad Jumbo
The further south you go in poland the more mountains there are. Due to the temperature problem i had to remove my large NBB 225 Alpha Xenon lights in a attempt to keep the temperatures down. It barely helped, only helped around 5 degrees. That was better than nothing.
I had planed a small off road trail from Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora, a trail past the very small town of Grudno. The trail was total of 8 km one way if i recall correctly. If we had more time and i did not have a overheating problem we would probably explore the area a bit more, there were many smaller trails that we could turn off on.
Grudno with Jumbo
Well up on a hilltop in Grudno we put some ravioli in the engine bay and enjoyed the view and waited for the heat of the engine to warm up the ravioli. It was the perfect spot to enjoy out lunch.
After lunch was done we drove back the 8 km trail, back on to the main road. From there it was a short drive to Jelenia Gora. When we arrived at the hotel in Jelenia gora we where very tired and ate at the hotel restaurant and went to sleep.