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Jumbo Picture
Stockholm to Prague via Poland with Jumbo

Stockholm to Prague Back story I’m moving to Prague to attend a term as a exchange student at CVUT. The initial plan was to leave my Jumbo(Jeep WJ) at home. But as any other Jeep freak I thought of the … Read More

Jumbo (Jeep WJ)

Jumbo currently my only vehicle and used as a daily driver. The name Jumbo comes from a friend of mine who likes to name vehicles after their licence plate letters (JMB). Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ WG 1999 Jumbo is a … Read More


My interest for vehicles started as I was 15 years old, getting my moped. A 50cc Derbi GPR, a truly unique moped. Every one I met thought it was a 250cc or 600cc bike. Now when I think back I … Read More


Digital nomad and overlander. My name is Gustaf Nilstadius and I’m was born 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden and has always had a burning desire to travel. Today i’m able to travel full time as a digital nomad, working as a … Read More