Japan, Land of the Rising Sun Rail Trip

Japan, land of the rising sun! On a quest to meet up with a friend in Fukuoka, Japan we set off on the adventure! Itinerary Tokyo Fukuoka Hiroshima Kyoto Tokyo Getting ready! Packing everything in a carry on sized hard … Read More

San Francisco skyline
Rentashare, Webster Inn review

I’m currently in California, USA for business I have been here for almost 3 months now. Leaving very soon to go back to Sweden. During my stay I have been staying at Rentashare (“rentashare.com“) in Palo Alto. Rentashare is a … Read More

Gustaf N – Overland travel and adventure

If you’re looking for adventure travel content and trips for global overland travel you’ve come to the right place. My name is Gustaf and I’m a software developer from Sweden and a adventure traveler. My current project is riding a … Read More

San Francisco and Highway 1

The summer is packed with excitement, the summer starts of with a two week long adventure in California, USA. A trip i will be doing with my brother, Peter Nilstadius. He also was a part of the Stockholm to Prague … Read More

Finished relay box edited
Building a custom relay box

Came back to Sweden a few weeks ago and have finally cough up with everything. This “custom relay box” project has been planned for some time, and I finally had the time to complete it. My Jeep have lots of … Read More

Jeep WJ sunset Czech Republic
Mud, mud everywhere.

This ended up being a very short trail run, since it was a short trail run there are not much information I can share but I have a few images. Mudding is fun, I think most people that are in … Read More

Jeep WJ on lumber trail, close
This weeks offroad adventure.

I have tried to offroad once a week, this gives me some time to get away from everything. Just focus on the ‘now’. This weeks offroad adventure brought me to a mountains close to the town of Crustenice. This trip … Read More