Stockholm to Prague via Poland with Jumbo

Stockholm to Prague

Back story

I’m moving to Prague to attend a term as a exchange student at CVUT. The initial plan was to leave my Jumbo(Jeep WJ) at home. But as any other Jeep freak I thought of the idea to drive from Stockholm to Prague. I researched it a bit and decided that I will do it.

The Plan

The first big decision I had to make while planing my trip was if I should go via Denmark and Germany or go via boat from Stockholm to Gdansk, Poland. Since my mothers side of the family is from Poland the decision was easy, I had to go via Poland.
Initially I was going to do the trip alone, but my younger brother Peter wanted to join in.

Day 1

Boat from Nynäshamn, Sweden to Gdansk, Poland leaving at 18:00 day one and arriving in Gdansk mid-day day two.

Day 2

We will arrive in Gdansk at 13:00 and will immediately keep driving down to Łódź

Day 3

On day three me and Peter will drive from Łódź down to Krakow, hopefully get some time for some off road on our way to Krakow.

Day 4

We will leave Krakow around lunch and head for a visit at Auschwitz and later keep driving to Wrocław where we will stay the night.

Day 5

We start the day by exploring Wrocław to later in the afternoon start driving towards Jelena Gora.

Day 6

After waking up in Jelena Gora, the home town of my mother. We will spend the day exploring the small town and meeting up with relatives.

Day 7

Arrival in Prague! On day seven we leave Jelena Gora early to head towards Prague, Czech Republic.

When do I start?

The 10th of august!

Keep an eye open for updates, both of the trip and the preparation of Jumbo before the trip.