Rentashare, Webster Inn review

I’m currently in California, USA for business I have been here for almost 3 months now. Leaving very soon to go back to Sweden. During my stay I have been staying at Rentashare (““) in Palo Alto. Rentashare is a company that let you rent a bunk in a house, almost like a hostel but for longer periods of time. Since there is a lack of housing in the San Francisco Bay Area this suited me perfectly. Before booking i had a hart time to find any review online, so here is my contribution that hopefully will help You.

Before arrival the information was very limited and it felt a bit shady, got email correspondence from a @gmail address, not a good sign (especially when rent is $900 USD/month)! After a while I got the information needed to check in. The house is worn down but in ok condition, a hone story house with a basement (that guest does not have access to). There is a total of 4 bedroom, which of 1 is a one bed private. The other 3 are dorms (1 is a female only dorm). The beds are standard IKEA bunk beds, to short for me but okay for most people. There is one big common room with combined kitchen and enough seating for everyone (including couches and work-seating). It could get messy in the kitchen but the house is cleaned every week.
The internet connection is okay, you’ll have access it via WiFi. No Ethernet connection is available (sadly).

Conclusion: Rentashare, Palo Alto

Overall the stay with Rentashare was, nothing special.
But what really set the house apart is the community of people. I have met many new friends and we had a great time! This is nothing that has anything to do with Rentashare. Officially drinking/partying is not allowed in the house, in practice the house manager allows partying (and was often a part of it) as long as everyone was behaving good.