Mud, mud everywhere.

This ended up being a very short trail run, since it was a short trail run there are not much information I can share but I have a few images.
Mudding is fun, I think most people that are in to 4×4 agrees with that (even tho some don’t dare to admit it) There are some problems with mud, it gets in everywhere. Causes all sorts of problems, like additional stress on the drivetrain and brake problems.
I was following a trail that I drove a while back, but only drove a small part of it.
After getting Jumbo way to muddy and considering the fact that I do not want to disturb the wild boar hunt that also was that same day in the area. I decided it was time to turn back home.

I took another way in to the offroad area, it was a nice country road. That later on gave me a chance to take a awesome sunset shot.

Jeep WJ side mud Czech Republic
Jeep WJ front mud Czech Republic
More mud!
Rear view

There where a creek nearby, so i gave the Jeep a bath. To at least clean of drivetrain.

Jeep WJ sunset Czech Republic

The reason the passenger door looks weird is because I cleaned the window to see out and be able too look in the rear view mirror.

Jeep WJ sunset rear Czech Republic
More sunset

Any more news? Yes!

I have ordered the parts needed to build a awesome storage system for the trunk. I have still yet not decided if i will run with alu-box or pelican boxes. It’s a question of price (but alu-box has extra points for being made in Denmark)