Life in Prague, what i think after a few weeks.

Life in Prague is absolutely fantastic. I have now lived in Prague for a couple of weeks. Prague is a very vibrant city, and as a swede it’s also very cheap. There is one more week until my studies start here in Prague. But i have already started a distance course at my home university. For the course at my home university there is a bit more studying than what i expected. But i’ll manage, especially with some high caffeine energy drink to keep my focus on top during late night studying sessions.
I have so far met a few other exchange students here in Prague, and became fairly good friends. There is a incredible nightlife here, and beer is the drink of choice for almost all people. The beer here is amazing, even the “bad” beer here has a better standard than most “good” beers in Sweden. the one bad thing i can come up with in Prague is that the taxis here are not to be trusted, i have been told that some companies are okay. But the easiest is to totally avoid riding taxi in Prague.

Studying for a course at KTH ad enjoying a nice and cold beverage.

I have a huge abstinence for working on the Jeep. I have a thing i will pick up now in October for the Jeep, you will have to stay tuned to find out what. Other future plans that i have decided to do for the Jeep is a dual battery system and a full aluminum radiator from Griffin Thermal. Really miss spending time in the garage.

Prague royal castle
Prague royal castle