The last day, Prague here i come!

Prague here i come!

The journey is coming to an end. We left Jelenia Gora around lunch, and headed for Prague with a stopover in Knuta Hora.
The Czech Republic is a small country seen geographically, there were less than 200km from Jelenia Gora to Prague.
There where some anxiety about traversing the Karkonosze mountains with a cooling problem. But we did not have any major problem excpet that there where a bicycle race on the road over the mountans. That made the progress somewhat slow. Thanks to a large 4.7L v8 the passings could be made fast and safely.
To cope with the cooling issue we rolled down the windows and cranked up the temperature on the climate control.
Czech border from Poland, Prague here i come!
Czech border from Poland
Going down was easy, never rolled so far in my life. Probably didn’t touch the accelerator for over 15km.
Well in side Czech Republic the first mission was to find a Autobahn-sticker to legally drive on the highways, only found a 10-day one. But that was better that going without.
Bone Chapel in Knuta Hora
Bone Chapel in Knuta Hora
The bone chapel in Knuta Hora was something quiet different, it was so many remains that it was hard to believe it even was real. I really recommend a visit! The entrance was 90Kć (~3€), worth it!
From Knuta Hora there where a very short drive to Prague.

Finally in Prague it felt grate to arrive at my apartment and to bring all the stuff up.
Afterwards there was time for a well deserved Czech beer!