Preparation and packing adventure gear


Today I changed engine oil, topped off the transfer case and diffs. Not anything more I need to do. Jumbo runs on a 4000km service interval and it was time to change the oil. It’s nice to have everything fresh to when I leave.

Adventure gear

What to bring and not to bring is hard to decide. I tend to want to bring to much stuff just in case, this is no exception.
I will walk through what gear I bring on this trip. Keep in mind that above all the gear that I talk about I also bring enough personal things to live in Prague for 7 moths.

From right to left

Adventure gear close up
Adventure gear recovery gear spare parts
  • Spare tire, full size (265/75R16, 32″) on OEM wheels.
  • Hand winch, not really meant for off road recovery. A warn winch is in the wish list.
  • Recovery bag (4xShackles, 6000kg Tow trap, 5000kg Snatch strap and gloves).
  • Warning triangle.
  • Protectors for my led lights (2x yellow spot, 2x clear spot).
  • Gloves (2x winter gloves, 2x mechanic gloves).
  • Jerry can 20L (plastic).
  • First aid kit.
  • Spare parts (behind jerry can): Water pump (old but still good), new front right brake lines, transmission speed sensor and some random small parts.
  • Torque wrench (always torque lug nuts to appropriate torque!).
  • Steering wheel lock (better safe than sorry).
  • Iron Rock off road control arms, the Swedish retailer for IRO messed up my order a while back so i got two extra lower control arms. Fits both lower front and rear.
  • Fire extinguisher (ABC, powder).
  • Trash bags.
  • Breaker bar (1/2″).
  • Breaker bar (3/4″) and two sockets.
  • Grease gun, currently half full. One new cartridge is besides it (Red line CV-2 with red molly).
  • Grease gin fittings (red box)
Adventure gear
Adventure gear, tools and chemicals
  • ¬†Universal sprays (WD40, 5-56, break clean).
  • Tool box, contains everything i need to work on the Jeep. Every time I used I new tool on Jumbo I put it in the toolbox. Example tools: socket set, large hex set, assortment of 1/2″ tools and nuts & bolts.
  • Clamp, always good to have, previously used to keep hood open¬† bur recently fixed new gas cylinders.
  • Multimeter.
  • Mopar transfercase oil.
  • SKF bearing grease.
  • Brake fluid.
  • Jack (2000kg).
  • Wire brush.
  • Red coolant, 4L concentrated and 4L ready to use.
  • Engine oil (Castrol 5w-40 full synthetic).
  • Electric goodies, have lots of custom electrics in Jumbo and need to be able to repair it on the go).
  • Brush with ice scraper.
  • Start help, 1100CCA.
  • Shovel.

I hope i didn’t forget to mention anything. If there is any questions leave a comment or visit my thread on Expedition Portal