Friday exploring with Jumbo

Last week when i was exploring the area west of Prague was a blast. This time i set out to anther area to the west of Prague, even a bit closer to the city. Usually i don’t prepare much before setting out. I use the “HERE” app from Nokia for navigation. It is not a suitable nav for offroad exploring, but works perfect on the road. This time i thought I’ll using the app “BackCoutry Navigator“. I found a few way points that i wanted to visit via Google maps and entered them in the phone and set off! I used HERE to navigate to my starting point and then switched over to the BC-nav app and entered the first way point. The BC-nav did also record my trail.

The Trail

The map below has the way points, the recorded route and the images are placed on the map.

The first way point was “This road in”, it was straight forward. But towards the end it got a bit twisty since i had to descent a few meters.

Beginning of the trails
Image 1, Beginning of the trails
Autumn leafs
Image 2, Autumn leafs

After continuing on the trail i end up at a Y intersection, i had two routes. One was through the water and up the other side and one up the hill on the right. I was feeling like taking a bath, the water crossing was my first choice. After checking the depth i jumped in the jeep and went bathing!

First river crossing, before
Image 3, First river crossing, before
First river crossing
Image 4, First river crossing, after

The trail on the other side of the river was pretty much non existent, and to add to the fun; a Czech pair came walking from behind me as i was crossing the river. They looked very surprised that a Jeep suddenly decided to go in to the water.
The trail was a bit more demanding as i proceeded and suddenly the trail became a medium sized pond. I decided that the water was to deep and had to turn back.

Flooded road, had to turn back
Image 5, Flooded road, had to turn back

After coming back to the the Y intersection again i took the trail up the side of the hill and was hoping to find a way around the flooded area. But no luck! The area was compleetly flooded, so i ended up having to backtrack and decided to go around and try from the other side.

Backtracking after river crossing.
Image 6, Backtracking after river crossing.

The way around was a bit longer that expected. But the road was nice and there were no problem giving some throttle.
Eventually i found my way in to the trails again and started closing in on one of my other way points. That the forest road that i found myself on was very fun, fairly wide and flat gravel trails. The v8 got a chance to roar. It noticed while blazing trough the forrest that my shocks was not up to the job. Better shocks are on the to-do list. It will probably be done together with the 4″ coils I’m planning on.

Jeep WJ descending hill
Image 7, Descending hill

Now i set my aim for my last way point, a river crossing that apparently is a normal road.

On my way to the way point i saw a old bridge, i could not resist the urge to stop and pose for a few pictures. It was well worth it, got some shots that I’m very happy with.

Jeep WJ posing on bridge, Close, filter
Image 8, Jumbo Posing on old bridge

After the short stop to take some pictures it was time to give the Jeep a bath at last way point.

Overall this was a very relaxing day of wheeling. The Jeep does need a real bath soon. On the 16th of November it will go in for service and a proper bath. Hope my recorded trail can help you and give you a heads up about the flooding. I did go to the other side of the flooding, where i wanted to go from the beginning. It is not possible to traverse the flooding without a snorkel. So that is now added to the Jeep “future plans” list.