Ep2 – Mainland Mexico – Gas shortage and Mexican Cartel territory

Heading into mainland Mexico, arriving in Mazatlan by boat and continuing south to Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta. Then inland via Guadalajara to Jalisko, Uruapan, Tzintzuntzan and Morelia. Eventually ending up in Mexico City.

During this time there was a huge fuel shortage in Mexico because of a political decision. The V-Strom has a large tank as it is, but i needed to go 1000km+ without fuel, Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City. I managed to find the last gas cans in a hardware store. In addition to the 3.8L rotopax i now had 4x 5L cans that i could squeeze 6L each into. It really saved me!

(Swedish) Stort tack till min partner Pusselboden.se som gör detta äventyr möjligt. Pussel för vuxna och barn.