Overlanding through the Balkans

This was the summer, i finally managed to get the Jeep out on a long overlanding trip. Starting and ending in Stockholm Sweden. The plan was as follows:

  1. Boat to Latvia
  2. Lithuania
  3. Poland
    1. Warsaw
    2. Tatra mountains
  4. Slovakia
  5. Hungary
    1. Budapest
  6. Serbia
    1. Novi Sad
    2. Belgrade
    3. Tara Mountains
  7. Montenegro
    1. Kotor
    2. Ulcinj
    3. Podgorica
    4. Montenegro Highlands
  8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    1. Sarajevo
    2. Mostar
    3. Camping
  9. Croatia
    1. Pag Island
    2. ???
  10. Slovenia
    1. Ljubljana
  11. Austria
  12. Germany
  13. Home

As my other trips, this is a digitalnomad trip. I travel and work at the same time.

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Due to some some problems, i got delayed already on the first day.

Lithuania Overlanding Jeep
Lithuania Overlanding Camp
Lithuania Camp first night

After the first day, a friend i was traveling with needed to return to Sweden for personal reasons. Had to backtrack to Riga, Latvia on the second day. It was just to accept that i’d be camping alone from now.

Lithuania Overlanding camp second day
Lithuania Camp second night

Here the sleeping arrangement is clearly seen. A pop up tent and a sleeping bag, small light and comfortable.

After being one day behind schedule i decided to do a long haul from where i camped for the second night to Warsaw. While in Warsaw, Poland i got a message from a friend that had seen that i’m heading south. He was in Krakow and we decided to meet up in Krakow for a night before i continue to the Tatra mountains.

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary


Novi Sad, Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia

After Novi Sad the journey carried on to Belgrade, where i spent a full week.

When i left Belgrade is where the overlanding adventure really begins. First stop Uzice.

On my way to Uzice, Serbia
On my way to Uzice, Serbia
Heading in to the Tara Mountains, Serbia
Heading in to the Tara Mountains, Serbia

The Tara mountains was an amazing experience. I met some truly amazing people in the hostels and the nature was stunning.


Montenegro was the country that surprised me the most.

I started by driving from Tara Mountains in Serbia to Kotor, Montenegro.

Nearing the coast of Montenegro in the Jeep WJ
Nearing the coast of Montenegro

After spending some time in Kotor, Ulcinj i ended up in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. I can not really recommend Podgorica, there’s nothing to do in the city. But it was a good starting point for the next part of the journey.

Overlanding Montenegro Highlands

Going border to border in Montenegro. All offroad! Albania – BiH.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

BiH started by going to Sarajevo to get some work done. After Sarajevo the journey carried on to Mostar, a stunning city!


In Croatia i quickly realized that Pag island is not for me. So already on the first day i headed in to the mountains.

Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Home

After Croatia i stopped for a two nights in Ljubljana Slovenia. The overlanding part of the trip was now officially over. Only the transport streches left. After Ljubljana i did a long haul to Rostock, Germany to make it to a ferry 06:00 in the morning.

Well back home i’m very happy with my overlanding trip.

GPX-files available upon request!