Israel + Palestine = True

Disclaimer, i’m not religious and don’t really care about the Israel and Palestine conflict. I always want to plan ahead, booking trips well ahead is often cheaper and gives me more time to read up on the destination. My friends did not want to plan their summer as early as…

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San Francisco and Highway 1

The summer is packed with excitement, the summer starts of with a two week long adventure in California, USA. A trip i will be doing with my brother, Peter Nilstadius. He also was a part of the Stockholm to Prague adventure, the trip is packed with activities. Both on and…

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Poland weekend adventure, Day 2

MetalPasja backfire rear bumper jeep wj

The second day of the Poland weekend adventure! Today there were some serious additions to Jumbo (Jeep WJ)! The day started early, i had set the alarm to 7:00. The morning was pretty much standard procedure. Shower, breakfast packing and off i go! The fist ting that hit me when…

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