Japan, Land of the Rising Sun Rail Trip

Japan, land of the rising sun! On a quest to meet up with a friend in Fukuoka, Japan we set off on the adventure! Itinerary Tokyo Fukuoka Hiroshima Kyoto Tokyo Getting ready! Packing everything in a carry on sized hard … Read More

San Francisco skyline
Rentashare, Webster Inn review

I’m currently in California, USA for business I have been here for almost 3 months now. Leaving very soon to go back to Sweden. During my stay I have been staying at Rentashare (“rentashare.com“) in Palo Alto. Rentashare is a … Read More

Israel & Palestine

Disclaimer, i’m not religious and don’t really care about the Israel and Palestine conflict. I always want to plan ahead, booking trips well ahead is often cheaper and gives me more time to read up on the destination. My friends … Read More

San Francisco and Highway 1

The summer is packed with excitement, the summer starts of with a two week long adventure in California, USA. A trip i will be doing with my brother, Peter Nilstadius. He also was a part of the Stockholm to Prague … Read More

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